Fun Day Off!



Sorry that I haven’t been writing lately!

I need to write more, huh….



Today I did not have work! So I went downtown to a new general store that opened. It’s set up, in many ways, like an old fashioned General store. This one is actually one of several in my state.


Last time, Kameko wrote about her love of classic and old things, I also love antiques, old buildings, and anything to do with history!!

There were antiques that had been donated that lined the top around the store, and there was this old cash register that I thought was so neat!


The clerk said it was from the late 1800’s, and that the marble in front was what they would use to hit coins against to see if they were counterfeit or not!!!



They had so many cool things! My favorite sections were the cooking and kitchen supply area and the candy section!



Barrels and barrels of candy! You could pick whatever you wanted and it was sold according to weight.



I got a “gummi pizza”

I don’t really know why I bought it….probably because it is small. I love miniature and small things.




Recently, I got a haircut!

It had almost been a year since I had my hair trimmed >_< oops!








The stylist cut at least 4 inches off, because the ends were damaged!

I’m not worried though, it’s a bit refreshing to have it shorter in the hot summer months. Plus my hair grows really quickly!




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