NekoNeko Maid and Host Club is looking for maids and hosts (located in, or willing to travel to:  California, Texas, and Louisiana) that are 17+ who would like to perform along with our touring cast members and are ready to bring back maid/host cafe fun to the USA for the sixth year in a row!

As a maid or host, you’ll have the opportunity to cosplay your very own maid or host character that you create from scratch or base on your favorite anime and manga characters.  Dress up in the handsomest host outfits or an adorable maid uniform and show your skills in dancing, para para, singing, and overall being super charming!

What will you be doing other than being absolutely fabulous you ask?  We’ll tell you!  As a host or maid, you’ll work closely with our customers.  You shall get the opportunity to discuss your favorite anime, video games, music, and fandom with other fans from the community.  Enjoy your time playing fun games such as tick-tac-toe, Jenga, Jan-Ken-Pyon, and many more.  As well as your dreams of being on stage coming true!  We’re looking for hosts and maids who are enthusiastic about J-pop and dance, and willing to get up on stage and perform your favorite songs with other maids/hosts, or even solo if you think you can do it!  And you get to do all of this as some of the most suave hosts and adorable maids to ever walk into the convention center!

Leading up to our new tour season, we’ll have a maid and host only web forum that will have challenges, quizzes, online events, and updates to keep you involved!  This is where we will be doing training for the actual event, such as dance lessons, song practice, and host manners.  It will be the most exclusive forum on the web considering we’re only looking for 3-10 additional hosts and maids.  As a NekoNeko maid or host, you will be part of one of the most exclusive groups in the anime community!

So you want to volunteer with us and become part of the NekoNeko family?  What do you have to do?! Simple.  Apply!  To apply as a host or maid, simply answer the following questionnaire in video format (avi, wmv, or pmg files only please) and send it to  This year, it MUST be in video format!  Also, including a vidoe of yourself singing and/or dancing will give you a better chance at acceptance, however it is not mandatory.

Good Luck!


1.  Introduce yourself, who are you?

2.  How old are you?  (Remember, you have to be 17+)

3.  What interest you about NekoNeko Maid & Host Club?  Why do you want to join us?

4.  What do you think you can bring to NekoNeko?  What are some of your redeeming qualities that will separate you from the other maids and hosts?  We’re obviously not looking for all of our members to be clones; we want everyone’s personality to shine through so we can all have fun being ourselves!

5.  How do you think you’ll get along with the other maids and hosts?  Are you the type to have one really good friend or do you see yourself becoming friendly with everyone in NekoNeko?

6.  Have you ever performed before?  If you have, where and when?  Even if it was your school play in second grade.  If you haven’t performed, do you think you would be comfortable getting up on stage and singing?

7.  Have you ever had a job before?  Where was it?  What were some of your responsibilities?  Do you still work there?  If not, did it end well?  If you haven’t had a job, tell us what your dream job would be!

Now, say you got your first job in a really hot pizza kitchen that’s always bust, and you only get minimum wage.  Think about that for a second.  Now, how do you feel about it?  Are you grateful just to have a job?  Do you think it isn’t worth the money?  Do you hate the job and everyone you work with?  Be honest here!

8.  Have you ever attended a maid/host cafe before?  If so, which one and what was your experience like?

9.  Maid and host cafes sometimes have themed shows (school, halloween, beach, etc) What theme would you recommend to NekoNeko that you personally would enjoy attending and/or performing?

10.  Say we have accepted you as one of our members, since one of our rules to keep you safe is “Do not ask the maids and hosts for any personal information”, how would you respond if one of our enthusiastic customers asked you for your email so they could talk to you after the event?  Because they think you are the cutest thing and they’re madly in love with you!  How will the find you after their time at the event is over?!

11.  Again, say you’ve been accepted.  It’s one of our busiest shows and the photo cards of you lovely maids and hosts are selling out faster than you can say Jan-Ken-Pyon!  You see one of your fellow members, who is really cool and you’ve become really good friends, take money from the cast box.  How do you respond?  Do you still respond like that even knowing their puppy is sick and needs surgery when they get home?

12.  NekoNeko can be demanding (but fun!) at times, especially right before an event, so maids and hosts are expected to abide by our policy of exclusivity (meaning you can only be a maid or host for NekoNeko, not other cafes/clubs) to lessen the strain of learning performance material for another maid show and to prevent a conflict of interests.  Say, hypothetically, we accept you as one of our maids/hosts, however one of your friends sees that auditions for another maid cafe have opened a few months after ours have closed and she wants you to audition with her.  How would you handle this situation?

13.  Now that you’re hypothetically one of our members, please introduce yourself to us as you would to your table at the event.  If you haven’t already picked a host name, please use “Shonen” or “Shoujo” for now.  We’ll happily work with you to develop your character after we see you in our Facebook community group and the online forums.

14.  Anything else you would like to say to us, feel free to say it here!  After all, we’re trying to get to know you!