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Hiya Everyone! Kameko here to talk about one of my most favorite things ever! VINTAGE EVERYTHING!! I love the fashion and music the most but anything vintage is amazing to me! Let me give an example!  On the top is a $20 from 1969! Think of all the stories this little bill knows! And on ... Read More

What not to wear day?

Hiya everyone! It’s Kameko here just wanting to let you guys know the silly shenanigans of my week. My school’s spirit week is this week and Monday was what not to wear day! Everyone wore wacky socks and shirts that didn’t match their pants! It was hilarious! I wore one of my favorite pairs of ... Read More

Welcome to Neko Squared!

I just wanted to welcome everyone to the new Neko Squared website!  It will be an umbrella site for the different programs that are offered through NekoNeko.  Please be patient with us as the new site is being built.