Meh Monday, But…

Hiya Everyone! Kameko here, and boy am I excited for this week! Mondays are not the most fun day of the week, but this one went by pretty fast so that is a yay! Staying positive can brighten your day and the ones around you! ^.^ I can’t wait for Thursday when the LCS mid-season ... Read More

Photo shoot and Kittens!

What a busy weekend!  This weekend Max came up to stay with Melissa and me.  We had 2 photo shoots for SHEawase and some truly amazing things happened. Our first photo shoot was with our photographer Jim.  He is amazing!  We always have so much fun with him!  We started off in a place called ... Read More

Nice to Meet You!

Yaho~! Maria here!   Since this is my first post, I’d like to tell you all a little about myself! I am Maria! I am a new-comer to Neko Neko, and even though I have not officially performed, I already feel right at home with all the members! We’re one big family and I’m so ... Read More

Baby Kitten!

Yesterday, Tara, Maakun & I had a promotional photoshoot! It was so fun! We had a photoshoot first with just us and our photographer Jim in the morning. We got to photoshoot with this REALLY amazing car! It was a 1963 Ford Falcon! How beautiful is this car? We had another photoshoot in a deep ... Read More

What not to wear day?

Hiya everyone! It’s Kameko here just wanting to let you guys know the silly shenanigans of my week. My school’s spirit week is this week and Monday was what not to wear day! Everyone wore wacky socks and shirts that didn’t match their pants! It was hilarious! I wore one of my favorite pairs of ... Read More

Welcome to Neko Squared!

I just wanted to welcome everyone to the new Neko Squared website!  It will be an umbrella site for the different programs that are offered through NekoNeko.  Please be patient with us as the new site is being built.