Photo shoot and Kittens!

What a busy weekend!  This weekend Max came up to stay with Melissa and me.  We had 2 photo shoots for SHEawase and some truly amazing things happened.

Our first photo shoot was with our photographer Jim.  He is amazing!  We always have so much fun with him!  We started off in a place called Bricktown.  It’s downtown and everything is built from these gorgeous red bricks.  We walked along the canal and took some pictures at different locations there.  Then, we happened across a couple that had this AMAZING 1963 Ford Falcon.  They were so kind and let us take pictures with the car!


SHEawase in a ’63 Ford Falcon

We went all over the place.  We even got to take pictures in this adorable place called Pinkitzel!  They sell cupcakes so we had to get a few.  They were SO good!


SHEawase Photo Shoot BTS


Yesterday, Melissa was in her room and she heard a kitten crying.  We investigated and found this tiny kitten all alone in our backyard.  We have a lot of wild cats and stray dogs that run around the neighborhood.   We were afraid it would be killed, so we brought it inside to keep it safe.  It was really scared at first, but soon it relaxed enough to cuddle and explore!  We named it Charming because it’s such a charming kitten!  If it’s a girl, we’ll call her Charmy.  If it’s a boy, we’ll call him Charming.  Isn’t it a cute name?


Charmy Kitty


I’ve fallen in love with this kitten!  Have a wonderful week!

As Always,




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