Elise: Interactive Adventure @ Yellow City Comic Con

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With twelve possible endings as well as multiple unlockable scenes and achievements no one play through is going to be like the other!

After the tragic death of her father, Clara accepts a job as a dorm attendant at a remote boarding school. This unexpected dream position however turns into a nightmare when the ghost of a missing student, Elise, appears before her.

Though unable to recall the details tied to her death, Elise knows her end was a violent one and has a strong sense that Clara is about to meet a similar fate as her own. The ghost claims that if her belongings, which have been wrongfully taken from her room, are returned to her she believes that she will know more and perhaps be better able to understand why she died as well as protect Clara from coming to an unfortunate end.

Unsure though filled with a primal fear of death, Clara commits herself to the task. How else is she to discover the truth when she is surrounded by those seemingly desperate to hide it?

Where?: Yellow City Comic Con Main Stage
When?: Saturday, April 4th 2018, 11:00 a.m.

Be sure to print out your receipt or show your ID at least twenty minutes before show time at the ticket counter in front of Room 200 in order to pick-up your ticket.


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